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i loved your boob post. i actually was born with quite large breasts that grew wayyyy too fast when i was younger and gravity was a bitch to them. long story short, i was super self conscious about it for so long because of men/media/etc., that i got a bilateral breast reduction/lift. i don't regret it, because i'm happy with the results. but no female should ever feel they need to change their body because of other peoples opinions.

I’m the same, my boobs are super big because it runs in my family and probably because I’m not the skinniest. For a long time I always felt unconscious about them because they’re not exactly the firmest. That until I met my boyfriend, who doesn’t care what they looks like because he likes them because they’re mine (if he reads this: thank you dear haha). But it feels so wrong that so many women are probably feeling the same insecurity because so often, especially on facebook, I see men making disgusting comments about ‘saggy boobs’ when its often just a girl/woman who has larger breasts. I hate how pornography has changed their whole idea of what breasts *should* look like and it’s super mega important that men realize not all boobs are perky and perfectly shaped. 

Glad you’re happy with your decision! I fully agree on that, things done for yourself rather than others are always the best. xo

One of the thing that pisses me of the most about beauty standards is how a lot of men expect boobs to be naturally big yet perky with nicely shaped nipples or else they’re disgusting and made fun of when in reality boobs like that are either really fucking good genes or silicone.

Oh, and there’s nothing fucking wrong with boobs that don’t fully agree with gravity. You can’t expect massive boobs to not be the tiniest bit of saggy.